An exercise of intrapersonal reflection and graphic expression of architecture students dealing with the COVID pandemic.

The following images are a selection of the student´s work of SRH University Heidelberg.

Felicitas Schwab

Paths through Corona
How do we walk through the Corona pandemic? In which places do we stay? Can a pattern be discerned? And above all, what am I missing on my way through the crisis?

The collage “Paths through Corona” deals with these questions.
When I took a closer look at the Heidelberg city or rather the I became aware that since the Covid 19 outbreak in Germany, my movements in the city in Germany, my movements in the city have been limited to three routes to the supermarket, to work, and to the main train station. The latter allows me to move around Baden-Württemberg: from Heidelberg, the city where I study and work, usually where I spend most of my time, to the Ortenaukreis to my family, where I family, where under “normal” circumstances I only spend my weekends. But this has changed as well. The food and focal points are shifting and blurring to some extent. Corona allows for location-independent teaching and learning and so we are free in our choice of place. Most of the time we only need a laptop; in our work, our studies, and also our friends, who we usually only know friends, whom we can usually only meet through a screen.

As the number of infections increases, so does the degree of loneliness. Social distancing is the key word here, which has been our lives for more than a year now. We become prisoners in space, often living inside our homes in order to protect ourselves protect ourselves as best we can. There is a lack of community with other people, the personal contact and exchange and, in terms of the study, especially learning from and with each other.

Julian Hüfner

Corona Roadmap
The Corona pandemic raises questions about space and time. What has changed? Where do I spend my time? Which aspects come closer to the light? Which not?

The decisive factor is each individual’s perception of this precarious situation. Everyone has had different experiences and adapted to their way of life. This aspect of the different space-time perception encouraged me to reflect on how I experienced this past time. With the help of a Corona roadmap, I would like to illustrate this time experienced, this time.

How did I learn? What does my learning space look like? What has changed? What has become more important? What was I missing spatially?


Split in two
– Between working from home and at the office –

The collage deals with the positive and negative aspects of the two work situations. On the left, the workplace in the office is depicted with five picture frames showing aspects such: as community and teamwork. On the right side, the working from home situation represented with domestic comfort, but also the isolation it comes with it. The rise in the center regarding a normal work situation represents the way throughout the Corona pandemic.


For the collage, I chose the most positive living situation I had during the Corona period.
My working from home situation can easily be divided into five parts.

  1. Free time
  2. Life
  3. Nature
  4. Work
  5. Social

In my case, working from home was successful due to the clear spatial separation of my home. Even when I worked from home, I didn´t live in my workplace.


Flexible Workspace
My workspace has become more flexible due to the current Corona situation. My workplace is where I settle in. In my flat, I have three workspaces that I rotate through according to need, mood, lighting conditions or time of the day, thus combating boredom, monotony, and lack of ideas. Indispensable, however, is my laptop pad, which allows me this mobility. Due to the Corona pandemic, I have upgraded my learning and working space with a web camera and microphone to optimize contact exchange with the virtual world.

Ahu Ulucay

Social Distance
How did I learn? What does my learning space look like? What has changed? What has become more important? What was I missing spatially? I studied in my room at my desk in front of my window. My laptop and me. I noticed very early on that I missed learning at college. I sit in front of the laptop and listen to my professor. One hour. Two hours. Three hours… At some point I can’t take it anymore. I miss the exchange. The lectures are no longer as interactive as they used to be. The days are becoming monotonous. I would like to know what level my fellow students are at, but I can’t ask each one individually. In the university before the pandemic, everything was much easier and we are only realizing that now.
I have named my collage “Social Distance”.
On the one hand, the whole situation is very unpleasant, sad and you often think to yourself “I can’t take it anymore”. On the other hand, it’s not a huge challenge to sit in front of the laptop, drink your coffee and listen to the professor. This part is very pleasant. I have tried to represent these two different feelings through my collage.