LEARN[IN] II – Digital Learning Spaces serves a platform for the exchange of best practice strategies and as a hub for ideas on the future of learning spaces. The focus is not only on digital platforms, programs, or tools but ultimately on developing a new understanding of teaching and learning in the digital age.

Workshop I

The workshop I was organized by the Portuguese Team (Prof. Dr. Cidália Silva and Prof. Dr. João Cabeleira). Together with students we got an insight in the geometry course developed during the lockdown. The students presented their own projects with videos and drawings. Afterwards two alumni students from the University of Minho shared their experience towards fieldwork and urban design. Prof. Dr. Cidália Silva presented the online archive “On Being With it“. There was an exercise developed with the student to interact with the digital archive in tandem groups of three (one Portuguese student, one German students and one Italian student). Check out the website HERE.

Download the final Workshop´s program (CET) HERE.

Workshop II

Space Dramas

We invited students to listen to the brief episodes and to use imagination to transfer on the sheet the mentioned notions and descriptions by hand drawing. After that, each participant briefly presented himself and his work.
Download & listen the podcasts:

The Facade
Text by Francesco Collotti
Translation and reading: Arch. PhD Giada Cerri Recording, editing and postproduction: Matteo Pecorini

Selected drawings made by the participants during the workshop:

Ornament and crime
Text by Adolf Loos, comments by Arch. PhD Eliana Martinelli Reading:
Francesco Gori, Arch. PhD Eliana Martinelli Recording, editing and
postproduction: Matteo Pecorini

Download the final Workshop´s program (CET) HERE.

Graphic Documentation of the workshops
All drawings made by the graphic recording artist Esther Blodau