The re-definition of learning spaces as a key factor of 21st century education: A European approach

The focus of this project cooperation is the re-definition of learning spaces as a key factor of 21st century education. In this broader context, the financial and economic crisis in Europe plays a distinctive role. The crisis led to dramatic developments in education, such as massive reductions of investments in jobs, research and infrastructure at universities and lack of investment at schools.

As part of a sustainable international and interdisciplinary cooperation, the SRH University Heidelberg/Germany, the Università degli studi Firenze/Italy and the Universidade do Minho/Portugal developed a three-part event concept with students, junior researchers and researchers in each of the participating universities.

The main idea of this dialogue is the exchange of approaches and ideas developed on this subject by learning from each other, with each other, and, at the same time, getting to know country-specific topics.

By taking as an example the selected cities, Heidelberg, Florence and Guimarães, each of which offers different perspectives for the implementation of innovative learning spaces, the interfaces between architecture, urban planning, landscape, social sciences, art and education were considered in order to develop new strategies for a sustainable future and, most importantly, to cooperate and learn from each other on a European level.