The manifesto was developed in an ongoing process influenced by the input and production of knowledge during the three events; LEARN[IN] Symposium (Heidelberg), LEARN[IN] Lab I (Florence) and LEARN[IN] Lab II (Guimarães), and the year afterwards for reflection and discussion of the ideas and perspectives on the topics.

This manifesto stands as a platform created throughout and within our dialogue, and it is not to be understood as final, but as an interactive practice that we want to further improve.

The following statements are the reflection of the common ground we found within the international and interdisciplinary LEARN[IN] team; this would not have been possible without the events, the face-to-face encounters, workshops, the input of all actors involved in the project such as the students, invited speakers, researchers, locals from the respective countries, and, last but not least, the context, the in situ experience where we had the opportunity to confront the different realities with hands-on exercises.