MAKING! Building Workshop

The students of SRH University Heidelberg, University of Florence and University of Minho
worked together over 5 weeks to develop, design and built “Learning Spaces Prototypes”.

Based on the experiences in LEARN[IN] I and LEARN[IN] II, specific spatial concepts for the SRH campus were developed in LEARN[IN] III and prototypes for concrete digital learning settings were designed and built. The Building Workshop in Heidelberg took place on 7th-10th June.

The following days were used to further develop the projects, experiment and get feedback. The last days of the workshop were used to build and finish the prototypes. The last day we open a walkable exhibition at the campus, everyone was invited to see and try the Learning Space Prototypes.

The workshop started with an opening speech made by Belen Zevallos and Prof. João Cabeleira, followed by input session from Eliana Martinelli, and a safety briefing made by our workshop manager.

Download the program HERE

“It was the first time our students had the chance to develop,

plan, and actually build their projects in 1/1 scale

Belen Zevallos, LEARN[IN] Project Coordinator