SRH University

As one of the oldest and biggest private universities nationwide, the SRH University Heidelberg offers more than 40 innovative programmes in the fields of computer science, media and design, business, engineering and architecture, social and legal sciences, therapeutic sciences and psychology. More than 3,300 students are educated for their professional career at the campuses Heidelberg and Calw. They benefit from a unique study model, the “CORE-principle“ (Competence Oriented Research and Education) which stands for competence oriented teaching and learning. The SRH University Heidelberg is state recognized and was accredited by the science council. It is part of a strong network of eight SRH universities in Berlin, Gera, Hamm, Heidelberg, Riedlingen and in Paraguay, as well as the EBS University for Economy and Law in Wiesbaden/Oestrich-Winkel with the SRH Higher Education as their sole shareholder.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marc Kirschbaum

Belen Zevallos M.Arch.

Università degli Studi di Firenze

The University of Florence, an autonomous State’s Institution, is an important and influential centre for research and higher training in Italy, with 1,800 lecturers and internal research staff, 1,600 technical and administrative staff, and over 1,600 research assistants and doctoral students. It offers a wide range of study programmes at various levels and in all areas of knowledge. 132 Degree courses (First and Second Cycle, corresponding to Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees) organised in 10 Schools, with a population of about 51,000 enrolled students.
It is one of the largest and most productive public research systems in Italy. This result is accomplished thanks to the number of permanent and temporary researchers working in a wide range of disciplinary and scientific fields, and the numerous junior scientists in training. It is also due to an intensive participation in research programmes of national and international relevance and to the significant scientific results achieved. External funds support the research and knowledge transfer activities. This combination of factors qualifies the Florentine institution as a modern research university and accounts for its excellent position in national and world rankings. 

Prof. Francesco Collotti

Dr. Eliana Martinelli

Dr. Giada Cerri

Prof. Saverio Mecca

Universidade do Minho

The University of Minho (UMinho), with a total of 1258 teaching staff and 18600 students, is a vibrant young Portuguese university. Founded in 1973, its academic activity started in 1974. Today, The University of Minho (UMinho) is undoubtedly a university of research. That can be seen in the position the university occupies in the most important international rankings, such as the Leiden Ranking, which is the main bibliometric ranking associated with scientific research. Other important rankings in which the University of Minho is well-positioned are the Times Higher Education (THE) ranking, both in their global ranking and in the THE ranking of universities under-50 years old.  The University of Minho has a strong policy for internationalisation, which is reflected in its main lines of action – education, research and innovation, and interaction with the society. The courses and research projects have a strong international reputation. UMinho is a targeted research university, committed to the value chain of knowledge, in other words: Research, Development and Innovation. It also points to the socio-economic environment, with many successful partnerships in research, cultural and socio- economic development projects.

Prof. Dr. Cidalia Silva

Prof. Dr. Mónica Faria

Prof. Dr. João Cabeleira