University of Minho
School of Architecture

Mónica Faria is an artist and Invited Professor at the School of Architecture of the University of Minho (EAUM). She holds a degree in Fine Arts-Sculpture from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto (2005), and a Master’s in Teaching of Visual Arts for Teachers of the 3rd cycle of Basic Education and of Secondary Education of the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, University of Porto (2010). She has a PhD in Arts Education, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto (2016), and was an FCT Research Fellow (2012-2016). She is an integrated researcher at GEPI, Study Group with Indigenous People, University of International Integration of Afro-Brazilian Lusophony, Brazil and at Lab2PT, Landscape, Heritage and Territory Laboratory, University of Minho, Portugal. She is currently involved in the research group on Architecture and Urbanism of the ProChild CoLAB – a Portuguese nationwide consortium with a transdisciplinary approach dedicated to combatting poverty and social exclusion in children from 0 to 10 years old.

Publications (selection):

Barros, M.J.; Faria, M.; Tavares, J. (2017). “Pincelando a música… projeto em uníssono” in Revista CEI nº110 (Janeiro/Abril 2017).

Faria, M. & Tom, M. (2014). “Education and the Right to Difference: Across Lands, Between Knowledges and Among Peoples” in Atas Colóquio Internacional Epistemologias do Sul: aprendizagens globais Sul-Sul, Sul-Norte e Norte-Sul, Volume 4, Direitos Humanos e outras gramáticas da dignidade humana (pps. 219-229).

Azevedo, I.; Faria, M.; Mateus, J. (2013). ‘Body’s formless fragment becomes piece of the world’ in ‘72 Assignments: The Foundation Course in Art and Design Today a practical source book for teachers, students, and anyone curious to try.’

University courses and seminars:

Orientation for Thesis of Specialization in Intercultural Education in Decolonial Thinking, “The Challenge of Intercultural Management in the Quilombola Schools Bevenuto Simão de Oliveira e Professor José Mendes of Conceição das Crioulas“, by Fabiana Ana da Silva Mendes and Marinalva Rita da Silva Bezerra. Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology, Sertão Pernambucano, Campus Floresta, Brazil.

External Examiner of Qualification of Master Dissertation “Pitaguary Resistance: a look at its territory“, Larissa Ketlin Souza de Araújo, UNILAB.

External examiner in the Graduation Course “The colors of early childhood education: a case study on ethnic-racial relations among children in public schools“, Gustavo Lemos, UNILAB.

External examiner in the Graduation Course “The school as a decolonization strategy: comparative studies between Brazil and Guinea-Bissau“, Gesica Italvina Martins de Pina, UNILAB.

I Seminar on Indigenous Peoples and Ethnicities, “Challenges of Research in Art, Education and Memory with indigenous communities and quilombolas in Brazil“, lecture “Art in the quilombo schools of Conceição das Crioulas: a research experience”.