LEARN[IN] II – Digital Learning Spaces serves a platform for the exchange of best practice strategies and as a hub for ideas on the future of learning spaces. The focus is not only on digital platforms, programs, or tools but ultimately on developing a new understanding of teaching and learning in the digital age.

The project starts with an online symposium hosted from Heidelberg and two digital workshops hosted by our colleagues in Italy and Portugal. The three events will focus on the issue of the digitization of teaching and digital learning spaces.

The LEARN[IN] Symposium – Digital Learning Spaces is the kick of event involving students and young researchers from the participating universities to investigate how the change from formal/informal to digital learning spaces is taking place and what effects it is having on our teaching and learning practice.

We are looking forward to seeing you this upcoming Monday 10th May 2021.

Download the final Symposium´s program (CET) HERE.

Check out our digital exhibition:

#1 Learning with[in] COVID times

#2 Illustrated Spatial Theories

#3 Flashback/Flash Forward

Graphic Documentation of the symposium:
All drawings made by the graphic recording artist Esther Blodau