by Arne Jacobsen, Dorte Mandrup


The Munkegaard school in Denmark has long been known for its innovative take on school concepts. But recent times have shown that digitalization evolves rapidly and action needs to be taken.

Munkegaard school is a great opportunity to show how the future of schools could look like.

Flash Forward…

By targeting its main weakness of long corridors and future-proving
an already well-established building even further,
we can build upon Arne Jacobsen’s revolutionary concepts.

This is done by creating a variety of spaces that gives its users flexible spaces that create new experiences,
and new ways to learn. “Learn as you like” and “learn where you like” is the key to a modern and digital school concept.

Moreover, technology is deeply integrated into the building and its spaces
giving students the freedom to choose as they like. The relationship between indoor and outdoor also plays a big role.
With several additions to the outdoor area we bring learning to new dimensions.

Learning has never been more flexible and self-determined. This way Munkegaard school remains one of the most advanced, and timeless schools in the world and sets yet another milestone for the future of schooling.

Project by:
Mirco Schreiber, Felicitas Schwab