SRH University Heidelberg
School of Engineering and Architecture


Marc Kirschbaum is an architect and architectural theorist, professor for architectural theory and design, as well as head of the architecture programme at SRH University Heidelberg. He was head of the inter- and transdisciplinary research project Reallabor STADT-RAUM-BILDUNG (Real World Laboratory CITY-SPACE-EDUCATION) and is intensively engaged in learning architectures and human-space relationships. He studied architecture and urban planning in Kassel and Manchester/GB, and, as a Fulbright scholar, architectural theory in Seattle/USA. Together with Prof. Kai Schuster, he is a founder and partner of pragmatopia | architecture.city.life in Kassel/Germany. In addition, he works as a reviewer, judge and consultant in university, research and practice contexts.

Current publications:

Kirschbaum, Marc (Ed./exp. 2019). INTELLIGENCE SPACE. Heidelberger Hochschulverlag

Kirschbaum, Marc & Wacker, Albrecht (2018). Den Schul(um)bau sozial-ökologisch gestalten. GAiA 4/2018, S. 396-397

Gstach, Doris & Kirschbaum, Marc (in print). The underestimated role of language-based tools in landscape architecture. In: Karadeniz, Jorgensen, Mertens, Stiles (Ed.) Teaching Landscape. ECLAS.

Latest lectures:

Kirschbaum, Marc. Wechselwirkungen: Von Mensch und Raum zu Lernen und Schulbau. Lecture in the seminar „Mensch und Raum“ by Prof. Dr. Dr. Kai Schuster and Prof. Ansgar Lamott, University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, 12.12.2018

Kirschbaum, Marc & Zevallos, Belen. Schule als Lebensraum für alle … im Schulgebäude. Lecture at the Reallabor symposium, University of Stuttgart, 19.10.2018

Kirschbaum, Marc & Zevallos, Belen. #LearningHappens – The challenge of innovative learning spaces. 2. Conference on Innovation in Higher Education, SRH University Heidelberg, 30.11.2017

Kirschbaum, Marc; Bartels, Andreas, Alimardani, Mandana & Zevallos, Belen. Transdisciplinary research design on learning spaces (poster presentation). 2. Conference on Innovation in Higher Education, SRH University Heidelberg, 30.11.2017

Kirschbaum, Marc & Alimardani, Mandana. Räume fürs Lernen – Was braucht die Schule? Hohenloher Academy, Heidelberg, 22.06.2017

Kirschbaum, Marc & Alimardani, Mandana. Rethinking Schools in the context of pedagogic and demographic shift. International Transitions Conference of Wuppertal Institute, Wuppertal, 08.09.2016