by  Rem Koolhaas, Joshua Prince-Ramus


The missions and design of libraries have changed with the rapid development of technology as well as the importance of public space.

The Seattle Public Library is an outstanding example of today’s library design. The library provides space for work, meeting, inspiration, recreation, refreshment, and non-planned activities. The spaces are not ostensibly dedicated to reading.

Flash Forward…

The basic structure of the library was retained, as this already has great potential to meet the needs of future library visitors. The idea was to create technology free areas. These serve as a space for deceleration which counteracts the overstimulation and information overload. The technology-free spaces thus help to focus on the essentials. To counteract the large areas, individual cells for concentration and rest phases were integrated. The freely accessible cells can be found throughout the building.

Project by:
Sophia Heck, Egle Simkute