The re-definition of learning spaces as a key factor of 21st century education: A European approach

LEARN[IN] is a DAAD founded project in the research program “Hochschuldialog mit Südeuropa” (dialogue of universities with southern Europe). In this context, the financial and economic crisis in Europe plays a distinctive role. As one consequence, this crisis is also leading to dramatic developments in education, such as mass reductions at universities and lack of investment at schools.

In the 21st century, learning still takes place in formal learning spaces such as classrooms and lecture halls. In contrast, informal learning spaces are also gaining in importance in the city, such as co-working spaces, cafés, town squares etc. More and more European Cities recognize the great potential of their various educational institutions as important elements of urban educational landscapes and promote the network of educational institutions and the city: The city becomes a learning space.

This is where the cooperative project LEARN[IN] comes in. The SRH University Heidelberg/Germany, the Università degla studi Firenze/Italy and the Universidade do Minho/Portugal are planning as part of a sustainable cooperation the implementation of a three-part event and dialogue concept with students and junior scientists and scientists.

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